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Welcome to Live Casino Bonus! Here, our reviewers will be able to guide you with useful information on casino portals. With the exponential growth of the gambling industry, a huge number of online casinos and games have entered the market. While each casino website has its own distinct features and benefits, we at Live Casino Bonus strive to provide you with our well-researched and updated information to help you make a comprehensive choice.

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Michael Jones

Over 10 years in the casino industry

Michael Jones is one of the best gamblers. Originally, a Blackjack player well-known for his skills and expertise, Jones is an expert in Blackjack. He is a master bettor with over ten years of experience in the casino industry.

Besides gambling, he has also authored for a number of casino articles and continues to assist avid gamblers worldwide till date.


Charlie Smith

Live Poker Dealer

Charlie Smith is an expertised Live Poker Dealer who enjoys playing a wide variety of live casino games, with Live Poker being his all-time favourite. Charlie fell in love with Poker after he watched ‘Rounders’. To sharpen his Poker skills, he also took up a full-time Poker Dealer course which helped him gain deep insights about the game and its intricacies. This indeed helped him in becoming a successful Live Poker Dealer.

Apart from his profession as a Live Poker Dealer, Charlie is also well-versed at crafting Poker stories that provide an excellent overview of the game as a whole which even a beginner can grasp instantly.


Krystiana Maciejewska

ex Live Dealer , now fulltime writer/author

Krystiana Maciejewska is an Ex Live Dealer who spent a considerable number of years assisting players in a casino. Maciejewska began her journey as a casino player and later developed an interest in live gaming. Later, she took up a full-time specialised course in live casino gaming and became a professional live dealer.

Maciejewska’s hobbies include sketching people, reading and writing. She is also a full-time writer who has authored a number of articles published online on live gaming.

What we do

We ensure objective rating of all casinos on a range of parameters to help players make a wise choice. We are aware that online casinos keep updating promotions, terms and conditions quite frequently and thus ensure to keep a track of all changes on a regular basis. You can trust us our casino reviews, offers and other updates. All details are analysed by industry veterans.

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At Live Casino Bonus, we maintain a completely transparent methodology with respect to all the techniques adopted in testing the casino websites. Thus, our reviews are unbiased. Here we locate the best casinos online with regard to its variety and quality of games, software studios powering the games, promotional features that they provide. We ensure that the casinos are safe and secure for players to stake their money and that they offer the best banking methods. In addition, we also validate whether all information shared on every casino is reliable and factual.

The information we provide is to cater to the playing requirements of gaming enthusiasts at Live Casino Bonus and we do not accept payments from any of the websites listed on our website. We try to ensure that no player loses money owing to the dearth of information. Whether you intend to play at the best casinos or enjoy your slot machines, you can find all the information regarding the popular destinations here.

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In case you come across any issues on this site or cannot locate any specifically desired information regarding a particular game or a casino website, you can contact us anytime. We will try to respond to your queries as soon as possible. We have a dedicated support team ready to communicate with you.

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We respect your valuable suggestions and feedback so as to improve our services to meet your expectations. At Live Casino Bonus, we treat all complaints and suggestions with much significance and thus welcome all kinds of feedback from our users. We will try to address all your complaints and inculcate recommendations within a fair period of time.